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Karang Aji Beach Villa


Once upon a time in the mist of the dense tropical jungle, as dense as those in the Amazon or the heartland of the great island of Borneo, arises a mighty wooden structure, 30 metres tall, overlooking the Indian Ocean, standing tall on the sub-granite cliff (200 meter above sea level). The structure is the Karang Aji Beach Villa.


This structure is an architectural wonder of the world. It is the only five storey wooden housing structure that is built from the famous Indonesian tropical hardwood. It cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is such a wonderful structure that after 10 years, it has survived an earthquake of 5.0 Richter scale, a cyclone of 40 knots, the mini Tsunami of 2007 and last but not least, the termite attacks that eat inferior wooden structure within five years.

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Notorious is implying a certain willingness to take risk, live life on the edge and develop a craving for situations other builders might deem too dangerous. If you make a habit of building where and when others won, pretty soon you are going to get a reputation. The extreme Karang Aji Beach Villa is where it was once thought to be impossible to build a safe building structure like its kind.


This humble contribution in term of architectural history is by its visionary sole owner, Mr. Johannes who is dedicated to his love of Indonesian tropical wood. He also believes that a five star beach resort should be enjoyed by many; therefore, the room rates of the Karang Aji beach villa are 50 percent cheaper than the Motel 6 room rates in the U.S.A.  The Backpacker room rates do not reflect the quality of the resort facility and services. Like any other five star resorts, anywhere in the world, the villa has a home cook restaurant that serves Western, Indonesian & Chinese food, a gym, a 10 meter by 4 meter lap pool, a full complete Karoake & home theater with full Dolby digital sound system, a  kitchen for the guest. Water & land game sports facilities abound with jungle trekking.

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Waterfalls, fish ponds, reptile & swan lagoons all create a home to a rich and diverse range of flora and fauna that call Karang Aji Villa home.

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The Conclusion

The room rates and meal prices of the Villa are at backpacker levels yet a lifestyle awaits usually only afforded to the rich and shameless. Mass market travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Michelin et al. have yet to discover us (let's keep it our little secret like much of Indonesia).  It's a great way to escape the stress of Global Recession without worrying about the cost. Dense tropical forest surrounds, virgin private beach, great waves, very  unique wooden building structure, wired to the rest of the world with internet & 3G communication, just 130 Km from Jakarta( The seventh  largest metropolis in the world), range of games add to the  reasons for you to come & enjoy the Karang Aji Beach Villa.

The best part of the villa is that it is in a knockdown form and it can be shipped anywhere in the world for the right prospective buyer.

A lot of customers put their villa stays in their blog. One of the more comprehensive one is www.flickr.com/photos/ahmadshah. This Karang Aji Villa website is updated on May, 2009.