The Beach


The Karang Aji Beach Villa has direct access to two kilometres of private beach. It is so private and safe that you will rarely see others strolling on the beach. You won’t face beach vendors or massage ladies to solicit or harass. You can sun bake with whatever beach wear you feel comfortable without creating any attention.


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The virgin tropical forest, the pristine clear beach, the turquoise Caribbean style sea and the isolated beach will definitely classify this beach as a top rated beach in the world.


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 The beach sand in this part of the world is very unique. The sands contain 10 percent ferrous (fe) or iron sand. Its granular form is very fine and yet it will not stick to your body as it is very heavy and dry. This way you can sun bake in whatever form without worrying about sand sticking to your body.




At this beach, adults and children can swim in the sea lagoon without being worried about the danger of any undercurrent. However, considering that this is still the Indian Ocean precaution is still needed that only competent swimmers should swim away from the shore.





From time to time, the swells of the mighty Indian Ocean arrive from Australia to the Karang Aji beach. If it does it will create the most perfect, long and fat chunky, non-barrel wave that is easily surf able for beginners to intermediate surfers.





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