The Stand Alone Room


The latest addition is a very unique stand alone villa separated form the main house. This 6 meter by 4 meter pavilion stands atop giant volcanic rocks. Although itís surrounded by giant trees, the pavilion room has 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean & the Cikembang Bay & Palabuhan Ratu Bay. Be it night or day you will not feel the tropical heat as the trees that surround it act as a natural air conditioner. You can also rest comfortably without being bothered by insects & mosquitoes because insect proof  nets surround the pavilion.


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As you can see from the photos of the pavilion you have a choice of sleeping with all the windows and doors open.  You will feel as if you are sleeping in the dense tropical jungle with an unobstructed view of the Indian Ocean. The fish ponds and sound of the  waterfall directly below the pavilion will entrance you like no other place you have been in your life time.  If the openness & back to nature style of the pavilion prove  too much for you, you can always convert it back to the city folkís style  by closing all the doors and windows surrounding the pavilion.


The bathroom & toilet underneath the pavilion is also a very unique concept. Picture this, you are taking a bath in an ancient volcanic rock bath tub that is known to heal any skin disorders but will also soothe your body & soul.



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